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    California Fires

    California has been long known for its warm weather and beautiful beaches. The last few days, California has been on the national headlines for its wild fires that have wiped out over 3000 homes.

    It was really sad to hear the stories of the damage done, some estimate the costs to reconstruct all that was destroyed is close to two billion dollars. Apart from the material damage done, there is countless items that can't have a price attached to it, countless memories and possessions of sentimental worth.

    But most devastating of all is the loss of life, life that can not be brought back again. There was one incident where the people of the house were told to evacuate immediately. Sadly, the people didn't heed the warning and placed their possessions above their lives. They probably thought they had a little bit more time to gather all they had together, and that the warnings were probably a bit over emphasized. There are things that we can take from this incident, how gripped are we by all our possessions here on earth? How much are we really going to take with us when we breathe our last?

    The Bible talks about the day when we will all give account of our lives before God. It talks about how for all of those who have repented (turned from) their sins and received God's forgiveness, that our works would be tried in fire. All that we have done here on earth for the Lord would be tried in fire and if we have built with precious stones then it would withstand on that day. There are however some who would build their lives with straw and wood which will be burnt and they would suffer great loss, these are the people who served the Lord but there wasn't a sincerity in the work they did. They themselves we are told will be saved as a man who escapes through a fire.

    For some its going to be like the people in that house who were asked to evacuate, people who heard the warnings but don't wish the heed it, they will stand before God and be disappointed and would love to have second chance but it would be too late.

    Which one of these people would you compare your life with?

  • The one who whose works were like that made of precious stones that when it was tested in fire it remained.
  • The one who whose works were like that made of straw and wood that were destroyed when tested by fire but he himself was saved.
  • Or do you see your life to be like the one who has heard the warnings of the forth coming judgement where all of us will have to give an account of their lives before God and has just blocked that from your thoughts, something you chose to ignore till the day finally arrives?

    It might be as you read this, you might be able to relate to the person whose house is on fire and needs to be rescued. Do you want to be rescued? If you do Jesus is ready to save you, He is ready to forgive you of all your sins and give you a fresh start at life. You will be free of the guilt and shame and can share in the joy and security of His love and forgiveness. God isn't asking you to be perfect to come to Him, all He is asking you to do is to be honest with Him, to acknowledge the you are sinner in need of forgiveness and that you want to be free from the bondage to sin and have Him be the Lord of your life.

    Would you like to get right with God today? Would you like to be forgiven of your sins and have the guilt and shame of sin taken away? Then you can do that right now from anywhere you may be: You can pray in these lines:

    Dear God,
    I am sorry for the things I have done, I have lived a sinful life and I would like to be honest with you and acknowledge that. I would like to repent (turn from) my sins and make you the Lord of my life. I would like to have the assurance of my sins being forgiven and being secure in your forgiveness. I would like to have a right standing with you on that day when I stand before you. Thank you for forgiving me of my sins. Help me to follow you all the days of my life.
    In Jesus's Name,

  • "If I seek to please men I can not be a servant of God"

    Galatians 1:10

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