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    Who is Jesus ?

  • a good teacher ?
  • a prophet ?
    Perhaps just who He said He was; God in human body just like ours (John 14:10, Colossians 2:9), so He could

  • show us how He would have us live, (I Peter 2:21)
  • suffer shame, reproach and death on our behalf for our sins. (Matthew 27)
  • be raised from dead on the third day as foretold in the scriptures to show His victory over sin and death. (I Corinthians 15:3, 4, 55, 57)
  • Did everyone accept Him as who He claimed to be? Sadly, the answer is No. That's the way it is today, and that was the way it was 2000 years ago.

    To some He was cherished, to others He was a cause of offense. He was definitely not politically correct in His teachings, and didn't seek to please men.

    Let's hear of what some people said that they he was

  • To Herod He was John the Baptist whom he executed who came back to life.
  • To John the Baptist, He was the lamb of God who would carry the sin of the world.
  • To Lazarus whom He raised from the dead, He was the resurrection.
  • To Mary and Martha, a teacher and friend.
  • To the religious leaders a threat, a blasphemor, sabbath breaker.
  • To children one who would welcome them.
  • To the women caught in adultery, a forgiver.
  • To Pilate a prisoner
  • To the lepers, paralysed and those with infirmities, a healer.
  • To Anna and Simeon, the promised Messiah.
  • To Simon Peter, He would be the source of the words of eternal life.
  • To those who reject Him, their last hope of redemption.
  • And to all who receive Him, their Savior.

    Jesus's question to you today would be the same "Who do you say that I am ?"

  • His footprints in Humanity... Next

    "If I seek to please men I can not be a servant of God"

    Galations 1:10

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