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    Just Imagine

    The Bible says if Jesus didnít die and rise from dead for our sinsÖ to PARTY1!!

    But if He did Ö.
    Houston , we have a problem2.

    Letís fast forward a couple of years into the future and imagine the following unfold before your eyes.

    You see some people with immense gratitude, saying one to another ďI am so thankful because you took the time to share the good news with me despite the risk of being put down or ridiculed. I am here today because you persuaded me about how much Godís loved me and the need for repentance3Ē.

    Then you see some others who would say, with a horrifying sorrow and unforgivable regret, ďIf you had only persuaded me4 just one more time of Godís love and His judgment, I might have turned from my sins and asked God to forgive me of my sins5, but now itís too late, I suffer great torment and pain.6

    Today, you have yet another opportunity to turn from your sins and receive Godís forgiveness. When we die, itís too late to repent, today is the best time to ask God to forgive us and receive His forgiveness7.There is one great truth, the worst day here on earth is nothing compared to a moment in hell and the best day here on earth pales in comparison to the joys of heaven8.

    There are two choices set before you life and death, choose life9.

    Please choose life.

    ... Did You Really Care?

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    "If I seek to please men I can not be a servant of God"

    Galations 1:10