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    There is nothing wrong in feeling miserable, I don't know the exact circumstances you are going through. It could be a broken relationship, someone you counted on let you down, financial problems or just a feeling of not amounting to much in this world. Maybe it's a mixture of these.

    I really do care, and thats one of the reasons this for this raising this question on the website.

    There is a person I know, his name is Adam* (for privacy of the individual the name as been changed). Adam was going through a divorce and had just lost his job. For weeks togethers he was searching for a new job and trying to mend the marriage. Things were working out and he decided to commit suicide. He came one evening to church and God spoke to his heart telling him that wasn't the answer; that ending his life was not what he should do. He destroyed pills that he was going to take to end his life. There are many people out there like Adam, who are hurting inside, people who are searching for answers and meaning to live.

    When people don't find it in relationships, alcohol, music and money, they find life all of a sudden not really worth living. As I mentioned earlier I really do care, you might be hurting and I would be happy to pray for you. But there is one who really cares for you, one who can help you beyond your wildest dreams. Someone who will always be there for you and never leave you. And He is Jesus.

  • Jesus asked those who were tired, weary, and heavy laden to come to Him and He would give them rest.
  • He ready to offer a peace that passes all understanding.
  • He will never leave your nor forsake you.

    You might feel that you are not good enough to come to Jesus, you might think you of your past life and say Jesus might like those good people like him or her. But me, no, i don't think He would have anything to do with me.

    We read in Bible, how Jesus spent a lot of time with those who were hurting and in pain. So much so that the people around called him the "friend of sinners" in a deragatory way. Jesus gives hope to those who feel this way, He says, "It's not those who are well that need the physician(doctor) but those who are sick, I have not come for those who think themselves righteous but the sinners to repentance."

    You might have trusted others and they might have let you down, so you might be apprehensive of whether to trust Jesus.

    There was a man named Lazarus who was in the grave for 4 days. His sisters Martha and Mary were there pleading for Jesus who had brought back the dead to life again to bring back their brother from the dead as well. Jesus asked Martha to have them move the stone which covered Lazarus' tomb. She replied that the body was there for 4 days and the smell would be great. Jesus replied, Didn't I tell you that you would see a miracle if you believe?

    Martha then trusted that Jesus could really raise her brother from the dead and Jesus did just that.

    There could be a stone that Jesus is asking you to move in your life so that can help Him to come and help you.

  • It could be you feel to bad to approach him
  • You could have had a person who called himself a christian who wronged you.
  • It could be a bad experience at a church.
  • The Jesus I heard about was nothing like what you tell me He is.

    Jesus is asking you to move that stone in your life that's keeping Jesus from helping you.

    You have placed your trust on many people in the past and some truly might have let you down. Place your trust on a firm foundation. On Jesus who is able to carry out what He says. Not on those who make promises and can't keep them.

    If you would like prayer some need, please send the prayer request here. If you don't know what it means to know Jesus in your life, as a friend and savior of you sins, please email here.

  • "If I seek to please men I can not be a servant of God"

    Galations 1:10

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