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    Deep down

    Deep down in your heart, do you feel that there must be something more to this life? Doesn't the best things that happen in your life just seem to wet your appetite to hint at something more grand and spectacular? There is something that is much more awesome and wonderful than we could imagine or think and its heaven.

    You might have experienced this, a constant feeling of emptiness, a feeling that you haven't really lived life to its fullness, something that promises to satisfy and leaves you a few steps short of fulfillment. Shame and guilt of your past have left their tracks on your heart. Friendships that have resulted in broken promises and painful wounds. Walking through life like it was a dark alley with no hope and feelings of loneliness.

    There is a message of hope, a brand new start, a clean slate with all your past failures left behind. You can leave your burden of shame and guilt with God and be free from the bondage of sin.

    It is just awesome how God does just that when we are honest with Him and tell Him that we have sinned and that we want to turn from our sins and receive His forgiveness. He wipes the slate clean and we get to start again. The past can be forgiven and forgotten by God. The passions and power of sin that has controlled you can be overcome by the strength He gives. You will know the abundant life He has to offer, the security to be in His hands and of being well taken care of.

    Today could be the best day of your life, today can be the day when Jesus changes your life for eternity. Be honest with yourself, do you want to live as you please and be left thirsty and empty? Jesus asks all those who are thirsty, heavy laden and weary to come to Him. He took the punishment for all that you have done by being mocked, beaten and dying on the cross. In exchange He has given you the privileges that only He deserved for living a perfect life, He offers life spent with Him forever.

    I would encourage you to view this letter that shares God love for us in a wonderful way. >>Father's Love Letter

    If you want a fresh start at life and your sins to be forgiven, you want have a right standing before God when your last day on earth is over. You can pray in these lines:

    Dear God,
    As I read this article it describes me, I have a broken life and I don't really know what to do with it. I could never think that my life could be of any use to you. But God I bring my life, the broken pieces so that you could put them together again. Please forgive me for all my sins, I would like to turn from my sins and make you the Lord over my life. I want to leave all my shame and guilt with you. Thank you for forgiving and forgetting my past and that when you look at me you look at me with joy, love and forgiveness. Thank you for coming after me, like the Good Shepard who searched for His lost sheep till He found it. Please lead me and guide me the rest of the days of my life.
    In Jesus' Name,

    "If I seek to please men I can not be a servant of God"

    Galations 1:10

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