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    Angel Tree
    Angel Tree is an organization that works with children with parents who are in prison. They usually place Christmas trees in stores with pictures of children on them. With each picture is a list of the items the child wants for Christmas. Christmas shoppers who want to help an Angel Tree child will purchase a gift for the child and hand it over to the store. Angel Tree collects all the gifts and then goes to each of the children's houses and gives the gifts on behalf of the parents who are in prison.

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    Angel Tree also works on having camps for these children. Statistics show that these children have a higher chance of going to prison when they grow up. These camps are directed in having a number of activities that will help the children in having a great time.

    The camp is held at a ranch, called the Calicinto Ranch. The ranch is run by the Pirelli family. They are a really big family, there are 8 daughters and 3 sons. Some of them live on the ranch and help out with the camps. One of the them helps run the general store where children can candy and other goodies. One of the daughters helps coordinate the camp schedule and plans the different activities of the day. Daniella is the story teller and tells great stories to the children. Marcella helps the children by leading them in action songs. They are a big family serving Jesus and you can see the love of Jesus in their lives poured out for the children.

    We also share with them about the dangers of drugs, alcohol and other bad influences. We had a group called Teen Challenge come and perform some plays. The participants of the Teen Challenge program are people who have come out of their addiction to drugs, alcohol etc. through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They share what Jesus did in their lives through plays and skits showing the children that a life style of party, drugs, alcohol was not way they should go.

    There are a lot of activities at the camp, a couple of the activities we had were horseback riding, archery, swimming, leather crafts, petting Zoo, and hay rides.


    A group picture with all my kids :)

    A group picture of Noah with his kids

    A picture of me (Ajay) and Matthew

    Two of the other councelors Neil and Mark.

    Diego on the horse

    Picture of the horse stable?.

    Picture of the hay ride and petting zoo.

    Our cabin ... :)

    Picture of the general store, place we stock up on candy .. :)

    Picture of the gathering place for morning songs and prayer :)
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    "If I seek to please men I can not be a servant of God"

    Galations 1:10

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