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    "If you are living for this world, this is as good as it gets"
    Bible Study Resources by Zac Poonen
    Christian Basic Teachings (15 mins approx.):
    Bible Summary by Zac Poonen:
    Books by Zac Poonen:
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    Topical StudiesWeekly Sermons
    Verse By Verse StudyWord For the Week
    For YouthArticles
    Where do I start?
    Father's Love Letter
    The Video Tape of Our Memory
    Amazing Facts

    Yielding Our WILL to do God's Will
    Very often we live in according to our thoughts or in our emotions but God has asked us to yield our will to God's will. Click to view

    Encouragement and Exhortation
    Nick Vujicic's Story LifeWithoutLimbs.org
    Nick was born without arms and legs but gives the testimony of the living Christ through his life. This is short 10 minute online video of his testimony Click to view
    The Congregation, The Club and the Church
    Santosh Poonen shares the difference between a congregation, club and the church. God's gave Himself not for a congregation or a club but for His bride, the church.
    Click to view

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    The Bible Reading for the Week Ending
    Download Entire Bible Plan
    Old Testament (Law, History, Prophecy):
    Old Testament (Psalms & Proverbs):
    New Testament:
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